Monday, August 8, 2022

CEO Speaks

Dear Friends,
Thanks to my strong Travel , International placement ,  logistics, import, export and trade compliance background, I’m an obvious choice when it comes to issues regarding international trade. Passionate about my role and international trade, I established my own company to provide interim services, consultancy and third party import and export services. Having worked as a senior executive for a number of  blue-chip companies, I’m now bringing that expertise to businesses via my own company – Tuberose Corporation Technologies.
My extensive history in the international trade & travel  industry means we have worked with all manner of businesses across a wide assortment of countries, from India  to South America  and further. We work with a number of consultants, Lawyers and service providers worldwide. I  have a strong knowledge of travel, International placement, import and export regulations and can help any struggling company to navigate those waters.
With a Master in Business – International business from a Russian University, 30 Years of experience   and visited more than 40 countries, I wish to help companies and individuals , so more and more people can enter into business in International trade, International placements and Tourism Industries, which will benefit the economic development of our country.

I wish you all the best & good luck with your future endeavours.

Thank you .
Suryakant Mahalik
Founder & CEO